Inspired in Montego Bay, Jamaica...2005        

(concept-Brian Brown; graphic artist-Alex Flemmings)


We will BEECOMB the most interactive and exciting apparel company in existence by being loyal to a BEEHIVE community-driven model of design engagement from our Bee Line Brand Ambassadors and Bee-Designers and by producing inspirational, ethically-conscious and environmentally-friendly wearable apparel that is accessible to humans and animals everywhere. 

Voted into power...2007

(Get out the Vote campaign)


(concept-Brian Brown; graphic artist-Sharry-Ann Watson)


We BEELIEVE in providing inspirational, quality, fun apparel that is comfortable, accessible and competitively priced and in creating an eco-system that produces the HONEY for our team members and communities to associate with our brand by wearing our products and fostering a culture and community for innovative design ideas that generate social engagement and revenue for our partners and supports public outreach programmes.

BeePositively motivated...2009

(concept-Brian Brown; graphic artist-Sharry-Ann Watson)

B -  Break conventional apparel branding and marketing rules responsibly

E Everyone has an idea or concept worthy of consideration 

E Eco-systems where humans, animals and the environment are responsibly treated is  

      critical to our long-term success and sustainability

We BEE Established...2011

        ...BEE Launched Spring 2015!


(in photo: BeeKeeper Brian Brown & daughter Ayjha)

(photo artist-Geoffrey Berry)


(Original Honey [design ideas & feedback] provided by Ayjha Brown, Audrey Dillon, Erica Brown-Myrie, Khaliel Myrie, Kerry-Ann Reid-Brown, Neeco Brown, Doneida Simpson, Sherry-Ann Foster and Brian Brown)


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